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School Grounds and Outdoor Learning Environments

School Grounds and Outdoor Learning Environments

School Grounds are unique public places provided especially for children and young people to spend a particular period of time while they are growing up.

Effectively designed and well managed school grounds result in very positive impacts on children and young people’s behaviour both inside and outside of school.  As a resource for outdoor learning, these special places can provide strong foundations for co-operation, respect, nature awareness and engaging with the vision, values, key competencies, learning areas and principles of the curriculum. They also convey key messages about childrens’ place in the world, as explained in The Hidden Curriculum.

Since 1997, we have worked with over 400 schools to inspire, plan, design and create these ultimate innovative learning environments.

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We also offer a practical one day workshop for primary, intermediate and early years on developing your grounds into diverse outdoor classrooms and natural play areas with endless learning opportunities.

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